• David Ross

    David Ross

  • Cairbre Sugrue

    Cairbre Sugrue

    founder & principal, Sugrue Communications, B2B & Tech specialist, interest in #enterprisesoftware #opensource #startups #IoT

  • aboynejames


    entrepreneur, swimmer, hill walker, open source, physics, collective intelligence geek and fiddler living in Aboyne. Swim Stopwatch http://t.co/meZeojW3HY

  • GixOnic


    If you wish to write for any of our publication contact us by email. GixOnic@gmail.com

  • Denis Parfenov

    Denis Parfenov

    Natural dog whisperer, keen photographer, aspiring slackliner & remarkable ex. Passionate about employing DWeb for preservation of publicly funded data.

  • Dima Starodubcev

    Dima Starodubcev

    Entrepreneur by nature, engineer by mind and philosopher by soul

  • Valerio Donini

    Valerio Donini

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