It is good to learn from those pioneering and building software before. Projects like Bitcoin, maidSafe, ethereum etc. have approached building their software in different ways. Satoshi Nakamoto author of bitcoin white paper did it anonymously, MaidSafe a small team, ethereum three official code bases and many community implementations. All three have benefits. Dsensor is open source and public from the founding, one code base at present, node.js with three test project areas.

Why select three project areas? Science covers a vast breadth of topics. Can one science protocol suit all? The answer to that right not is we do not know. The three project areas are 1. wearables, 2 genomics, 3 Map My River (geography, rainfall, physics of liquids etc). These are akin to ethereum choose there software languages, each team learns differently and when all implementation give the same output then we have more confidence the software is working as intended. Communities are being built around these projects, if you feel you want to help shape them, reach out to us:

HealthScience in the hands and hard drives of the people

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