The name of the software that brings together the three core ideas at
the heart of our project: An entity component system (computer game
inspired) that allows the practice of Data Oriented Design . The Knowledge Bundle Ledger a new
innovation to create network experiments and index evidence bases and
this structure opens up the opportunity to perform decentralised
machine learning. The ‘Cable’ token then allows for the creation of
smart subscription models.

Data first design. How can a JIT learning experience be produced,
device data to the computations, to the visualisation or simulation?
Game development is leading the way with this design pattern but this
trend will spread to data science.

=KBLedger & TOKEN
The ECS manager provides the structure and immutable logic flow to
build the ledger entries.

How to coordinate network computations securely and privacy preserving.

HealthScience in the hands and hard drives of the people

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