Peer Learning Experience V Web User Experience

Building on the Peer Stack think out. What is a Peer Learning Experience and how does this compare to the Web User Experience.

The web or websites continue to advance in there capabilities and the tools to make these experiences are also innovating all the time. User V Peer. Server V PeerLink. There are no users in the peer learning experience, only networks of peers (somehow) coordinating their contributions (probably mostly unknowingly) to make a collaborative learning experience.

Lets set the context of aggregating information e.g. a news website say A web user experience. That organization has journalist authoring the news in different media, hierarchy on decision making and developers to organize the selection of content and permission on who can author. Content will come in from partnership or from fair use of third parities. How would a Peer Learning Experience deliver the news?

There is no central authority, just a network of peers collecting and authoring content on the world. Its only when one peer seeks information the network of peers self organizes to bring the best information together, that is the source the data, formatting of the data and visualizing the data. This could come from many different sources and all the stages of data maybe, most probably will be performed by a chain of peers with different skills, data analysis to charting to video editing. This is a complex enough technical challenge to coordinate but how do we trust all data as the information distilled into what has been sought?

This is a unsolved problem right now but one that is being experimented on. In the next post we look at way this might be achieved.

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