Science can be categorised in many different ways; by discipline physics, chemistry, biology or by level, basic research to applied etc. However discoveries are made and by whom the scientific method applies its principals universally. Alongside science, society has an ever quickening technological culture. Technology being a tool to enable science and now with the use of AI software technology can claim to put forward scientific discoveries itself. However science is practiced its application to the real world is becoming more real time and outcome driven. The vision put forward by Dsensor is that science in the 21st century will be called Outcome Driven Science.

Does this exclude abstract science being pursed for its own sake or curiosity? Not at all. What it does mean is that when it is applied to a real world application the discovery path will be recorded in an immutable ledger that guarantees reproducibility and the fusion of science put together to be useful for the world will be freely available to all. Outcome Drive Science is just an extension of the trend emerging in research funding where analysis of it potential future impact is assessed up front and the alignment with society goals assessed. Today, measures to value research impacted are being experimented with but in an outcome driven science era Dsensor — Dececentralized Sensor Mapping Protocol will provide an autonomous scientific method to ‘score’ and keep science honest.

HealthScience in the hands and hard drives of the people

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