Match My Genome - Test Project 2

The cost of sequencing a human genome has been reduced dramatically in the last two decades. A partial sequencing costing from under $200 today to a full sequence costing around $1000. Understanding or senseMaking what all the genes, gene expressions or the orchestra of genes combining is mainly unknown today. Having said that science has learnt a lot and we can capture that in Dmaps and make it available over the Dsensor network. Making new discoveries will be a monumental challenge, the problem space complexity is growing faster than Moore’s Law, that is the raw compute processing power avaiable to us. We are going to need smart software, Dmaps to help us bridge this gaps.

Like the first test project we need sound Data Foundations to build from. Match My Genome will be a Dapp (decentralized application) using the Dsensor Protocol to allow the uploading of DNA data and for those to compared. This will allow individuals with genetic conditions to be matched. This might be a match for a bone marrow donor for example. The Dapp project page will be coming soon.

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