Flooding directly affects life. The third Dapp test project for Dsensor will invovle the modelling of a single River Valley. Is it possible to map out the geography, physics of fluids and social impact caused by flooding? This is a vastly complex project, as the fluid, water comes from rain and weather forecasting is just about as complex as it gets.

The Map My River project will build a Dapp (decentralized application) complete with a set of tools for modelling a single river valley. The Dsensor Protocol being used to test the Science Dmaps. These tools then will be made available for other valleys to be modelled, then valley by valley the whole of the earth will be modelled through a decentralized collaboration. Dmap fusion, that is the connecting of the various valley models being combined to improve the accuracy of each valley and the climate as a whole. Details for this Dapp are coming soon.

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