A look at the DIY HealthScience Toolkit with a mixture of real functionality available now and a look ahead to LifestyleWorld Dashboards and Gnatt/Calendar Time lines.

The right information presented how any peer likes with a guarantee of trust in all the data and computations undertaken to produce them. That is the goal. It is also important to remember these dashboards are collaboratively built by the network, there is no central authority dictating what is included. The video takes a look at the Lifestyle Hex Dashboard where parts of a peers life is represented graphically e.g. swimming. Click on a hex to show a swimming dashboard bringing together information presented how each peer likes it to be. We all live in the context of our local environment, this geography based dashboard brings together maps, river level charts and air quality. Of course each peer and their lifestyle are not separate and many network experiments will be setup to investigate connections between the two, e.g. does the air temperature inside or outside or both, effect how well a peer sleeps? The number of experiments is limitless to explore.

HealthScience in the hands and hard drives of the people

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