The genius of Bitcoin is the ability to keep a network of so called trustless peers, that is people who do not know each other, to have an incentive both technically and economically to act honestly. The process of Mining, the Hashcash game that provides a mechanism referred to as a ‘proof of work’. Dsensor - Decentralized Sensor Mapping Protocol for the application of Peer to Peer Science has to keep the science honest. How does it propose to achieve that?

Creating vast complexity is the back stop logical argument underpinning a blockchain. The cryptography and the proof of work process creates an technological and mathematical state that even with colluding computers, even networks of super computers, they cannot game the system. Dsensor also will setup vast complexity but not through a proof of work (that is supply side created) but from creating vast uncertainty through random sampling. There is two types of random sampling, selection of peers from the network and data sampling techniques. The data sampling techniques being selected by each autonomous peer. The network sampling being a property of the Protocol for selecting peers from a Distributed Hash Table. In theory once the network gains a certain size the economic cost of gaming the network with false sensor data to support a fraudulent scientific computation become extremely costly, assuming they are smart enough to figure out the random sampling complexity in the first place.

Science has an other fundamental property that supports honesty, that of reproducibility. This is an immutable audit trail or ‘mapping accounting’ entries that support the most truthful science available to the network. These networks are called GaiaBlocks and are opened to be challenged by any peer on the network.

Finally, the gaming of the network of sensor data is only part of the ‘scoring’ of science. Do the predictions hold? Again, not just across the whole network but for each individual peer? Peers with poor outcomes will simply demote a scientific computation in favour of better one thus if gaming is achieved its impact will be short lived.

In summary, creating a network with inherit vast complexity makes an environment that is economically and computer power costly to corrupt. Science is based on openness, transparency and reproducible results and Dsensor provides a new way of creating those properties in a network of trustless peers.

HealthScience in the hands and hard drives of the people

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