What are Dmaps? Dmaps is the abbreviation of Decentralized Mapping Computations. Before fleshing out fuller what that means a quick history on terminology: Websites -> Webapps -> Mobile Apps, just Apps -> Dapps Decentralized Applications brought to us by the ethereum.org project -> Dmaps.

Dmaps are scientific computations that take in data, applies science in a computational form to that data and produces results. The whole Dmap being made available for others to reproduce with independent data. A key phrase from the above sentience is “science in a computational form”. Dsensor has an open ended attitude to what that might contain. Historically, the reductionist application of science might produce a neat succinct mathematical equation, even simplified to a ‘Law of nature’ , this is fine so is other approaches, complexity theory, Statistical and even trail and error. Whatever the science in computational form the outputs and their comparison to reality that unfolds will judge the ‘truthfulness’. Dsensor calls this OUTCOME driven science and we are just at the beginning of the path to figure out what all that en-tales.

HealthScience in the hands and hard drives of the people

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