Data, Information, Knowledge. There is a technology slogan that says “information wants to be free. But what about the underlying data, does it want to be free too? All data has an owner whether it is human authored or sensor captured. Rather than espouse a general law of what is right lets just leave it to each owner to decide. Some will want to openly share, be it for social or open science reasons. Others will seek privacy or selectively share via encrypted messages etc. There is a spectrum of choices available and given different use cases or contexts we may switch between these.

This way of thinking mainly assumes the data is shared with the computation, whether that be to a social media tool or social network or open science repository. There is an alternative, the computation goes to the data. Computations are much ‘lighter’ than data usually but as the computations are decentralized the results or insights get fragmented. There is a federated solution, aggregate the answers in a common centralized place. In Dsensor the need to centralized answers is not being pursued, aggregation can happen peer to peer, with a network of peers collaborating to put together a network wide result.

There is no one size fits all guiding rules on data sharing but each owner can achieve data liberation on their terms. Bringing computations and peer to peer answer sharing is a new avenue to be explored in this on going quest for data liberation.

HealthScience in the hands and hard drives of the people

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