What does decentralized communication look like? Well, the true decentralized communication and messenging platforms are still being or needing inventing then built. In terms of Documentation the cloud service Readme.io is being used right now for the Dsensor Documentation. But just like the code for Dsensor hosted in the Github cloud the issue of Governance raises its head. Simply, who has access to the Github or Readme Dsensor Accounts? Right now the founding accounts and signups are made by me @aboynejames

This has to change. The other co-founder thinkers are given access to the accounts but a better governance model/system, or even rules need to be put in place. The geek speak for this a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. A mix of human and AI participants come time that will self organize the commits of code, documentation, set future direction for Dsensor and even the philosophy and rules governing the DAO itself. The good news, new Decentralized servcies for making DAO’s are coming, the likes of Colony.io or Project Eris.

We will test these new services out and select them based on the Dsensor philosophy of making sure non software developers can use them.

HealthScience in the hands and hard drives of the people

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