Benchmark Wellness - Test Project 1

A previous blog post talked about three test project areas, one being wearables. These will be Dapps, Decentralized Applications using the Dsensor protocol to establish scientific truth. The first project is Benchmarking Wellness. The first stage for this project is to give the owners of wearable sensors the ability to keep the raw ingredients i.e. the data from their sensors and store it locally, securely and then offer access to decentralized storage services like or IPSF etc. Sensors are often tied to Mobile applications offered by the sensor manufacturers and so the goal is to seamlessly allow this to continue while the decentralized storage is occurring. In short get the benefits from existing apps but have the data encrypted, controlled and stored safely by each participant on Dsensor.

It is a big step having control over the data but the major challenge is senseMaking i.e. what does the data tell us? This is where the Dsensor - decentralized Sensor Mappign Protocol comes in. Mappers (21 century name for scientists) put forward science explanations in the form of computations we call Dmaps. These Dmap computations are tested by using random sampling techniques across the Dsensor network with each individuals Resolution Client providing feedback on how useful the Dmap is too them while a Smart Contract aggregates a community consensus on the Dmap.

The first goal is to Benchmark Wellness. Setup a series of Dmaps that provide the data foundations for more pioneering science to be applied and for new discoveries to be made from. A Dapp page will be coming soon for those wishing to participate.

HealthScience in the hands and hard drives of the people

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